This is the result of a thorough - sometimes painful, always rewarding - exploration across Herzog’s whole filmography, researching the music used to accompany the films, in order to compile a carefully selected collection. Every effort to trace the exact versions used by the German filmmaker has been made. Unfortunately, not everything is available on Spotify and some of the wonderful music featured in Herzog’s films (notably, Ernst Reijseger’s and Richard Thompson’s scores for some of the early 2000s movies) was impossible to find on the service. In some rare cases I have opted for slightly different versions, if close enough to the originals in spirit and musicality. The playlist follows a chronological order, from Herzog’s debut ‘Lebenszeichen’ to his latest films.




1.            Stavros Xarhakos - Vale Ki Allo Piato Sto Trapezi (from ‘Signs Of Life’, 1969)

2.            Third Ear Band, Ghetto Raga (from ‘Fata Morgana’, 1970)

3.            Natalia Gutman, Mikhail Terian, Joseph Haydn - Concerto For Violoncello & Orchestra No. 2 In D Major: II. Adagio Cantabile (from ‘Land Of Silence And Darkness’, 1971)

4.            Popol Vuh - Aguirre I (L’Acrime Di Rei) (from ‘Aguirre, The Wrath Of God’, 1972)

5.            Remo Giazotto, Ettore Stratta, Tommaso Albinoni - Adagio In G Minor (from ‘The Enigma Of Kaspar Hauser’, 1974)

6.            Popol Vuh - Engel Der Gegenwart (from ‘Heart Of Glass’, 1976)

7.            Popol Vuh - Hüter Der Schwelle (from ‘Heart Of Glass’, 1976)

8.       Guiot De Dijon, Thomas Binkley – Chanterai por mon courage (from ‘Heart Of Glass’, 1976)

9.            Chet Atkins - The Last Thing On My Mind (from ‘Stroszek’, 1977)

10.          Sonny Terry - Old Lost John (from ‘Stroszek’, 1977)

11.          Sviatoslav Richter, Sergei Rachmaninoff - Concerto No. 2 For Piano And Orchestra, Op. 18: Adagio Sostenuto (from ‘ La Soufrière’, 1977)

12.          Popol Vuh - Brüer Des Schattens (from ‘Nosferatu The Vampyre’, 1979)

13.          Popol Vuh - Höre, Der Du Wagst (from ‘Nosferatu The Vampyre’, 1979)

14.          Popol Vuh - Through Pain To Heaven (from ‘Nosferatu The Vampyre’, 1979)

15.          Miki Skuta, Ludwig Van Beethoven - Sonata in E-flat Major, Op. 81a No. 26 “Les Adieux”: II. Abwesenheit “L’Absence” Andante Espressivo (from ‘Woyzeck’, 1979)

16.          Popol Vuh - Wehe Khorazin (from ‘Fitzcarraldo’, 1982)

17.          Enrico Caruso, Jules Massanet - Manon: Il Sogno (from ‘Fitzcarraldo’, 1982)

18.          Elly Ameling, Gabriel Fauré - Requiem, Op. 48: 4. Pie Jesu (from ‘Where The Green Ants Dream’, 1984)

19.          Pedrito Fernàndez - La De La Mochila Azul (from ‘ Ballad Of The Little Soldier’, 1984)

20.          Popol Vuh - Der Tod Des Cobra Verde (from ‘Cobra Verde’, 1987)

21.          Popol Vuh - Hab Mut, Bis Dass Die Nacht Mit Ruh’ Und Stille Kommt (from ‘Cobra Verde’, 1987)

22.          Nadine Sautereau, François Couperin - Leçons De Ténèbres Du Mercredy Saint, Première Leçon: Aleph - Quomodo Sedet Sola Civita (from ‘Les Gaulois’, 1988)

23.          Pierre Fournier, Wilhelm Kempff, Ludwif Van Beethoven - Sonata For Piano And Violocello Op. 5, No. 2: I. Adagio Sostenuto E Espressivo - Allegro Molto Più Tosto Presto (from ‘Echoes From A Sombre Empire’, 1990)

24.          Atahualpa Yupanqui - Melodìa Del Adiòs Y Danza Rùstica (from ‘Scream Of Stone’, 1991)

25.          Ingram Marshall - Fog Tropes (from ‘Scream Of Stone’, 1991)

26.          Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia - Raga Abhogi: Alap (from ‘Jag Mandir’, 1991)

27.          Jon Vickers, Giuseppe Verdi - Messa Da Requiem, Sequenza: Recordare (from ‘Lessons Of Darkness’, 1992)

28.          Мужской хор сотрудников издательского отдела московского патриархата Male Choir Of Employees Of The Publishing Department Of The Moscow Patriarchate - Древнерусские Old Russian (from ‘Bells From The Deep’, 1993)

29.          Il Complesso Barocco, Carlo Gesualdo - Madrigals, Book 6: Beltà Poi Che T’Assenti (from ‘Gesualdo: Death For Five Voices’, 1995)

30.          Carlos Gardel - Volver (from ‘Little Dieter Needs To Fly, 1997)

31.          Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool - Eder-Daa Bol, Eptes-Daa Bol (from ‘Little Dieter Needs To Fly, 1997)

32.          Robert Craft, Igor Stravinsky - The Rite Of Spring, Part II (The Sacrifice): VII. Introduction (from ‘Wings Of Hope’, 1998)

33.          Popol Vuh - …Als Lebten Die Engel Auf Erden (from ‘My Best Fiend’, 1999)

34.          Barbara Hendricks, Charles Gounod - St. Cecilia Mass In G Major: IV. Sanctus (from ‘Christ And Demons In New Spain’, 1999)

35.          Klaus Badelt, Hans Zimmer - Master Of The Occult (from ‘Invincible’, 2001)

36.          Prem Rana Autari, Bijaya Vaidya, Surendra Shrestha - Rajamati (from ‘Kalachakra, The Wheel Of Time’, 2003)

37.          Ernst Reijseger Und Ensemble - Mura / Su Puddhu (Ballu Turturinu) (from ‘The White Diamond’, 2004)

38.          Lisa Stern - Swift Song (from ‘The White Diamond’, 2004)

39.          Emmi Leisner, Georg Friedrich Händel - Dank Sei Dir Herr (from ‘The Wild Blue Yonder’, 2005)

40.          Tenore E Concordu De Orosei - Kyrie (from ‘The Wild Blue Yonder’, 2005)

41.          Klaus Badelt - Dieter’s Theme Reprise (from ‘Rescue Dawn’, 2006)

42.          Alexander Sedov, Chorovaya Akademia - Retche Gospod Gospodevi Moyemu (from ‘Encounters At The End Of The World’, 2007)

43.          Johnny Adams - Release Me (from ‘Bad Lieutenant Port Of Call: New Orleans’, 2009)

44.          Rev. George Washington Phillips - I Was Born To Preach The Gospel (from ‘My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?’, 2009)

45.          Mark Degli Antoni, Sebastian Steinberg - Hope (from ‘Into The Abyss’, 2011)

46.          Mark Degli Antoni - Protocol Of Death (from ‘On Death Row’, 2012)

47.          Ernst Reijseger and Ensemble - Stabat Mater (from ‘Salt And Fire’, 2016)

48.          Ernst Reijseger and Ensemble - Amerigo (from ‘Family Romance, LLC’, 2019)