05Mar 2024

Juju's new album featuring Luca

Sicily's true psych heroes Juju are back with their new album Apocalypse Is God's Spoiler, released on Sister 9 Records. The album features a song called Doomed Love co-written and sung by our own Luca. Check the album:

05Mar 2024

Il Vento Soffia Dove Vuole, new soundtrack by Luca

Marco Righi's new film Il Vento Soffia Dove Vuole has been released in italian cinemas on February 29th. Luca has written and produced the original music.

17Dec 2023

Mixtape for Battiti Radio Rai 3

Luca has produced a hour-and-a-half exclusive mixtape for Radio Rai 3’s show Battiti. It aired on the night of December 16th 2023, but it is now available for streaming at the national radio’s podcast page.

“I think the profound sense of jazz music lies in its freedom. In its canonized shape of be-bop, the genre implies a musical theme, a melody and a harmony through which the musician can free himself of his own technical skills by putting them in service of the improvised performance. In some cases this curious research of spontaneity has pushed artists to explore an unusual timbric apparatus, mixing the jazz idiom with those of different musical worlds. I’ve chosen though to only pick tracks that are either early or late in respect to the codified “fusion” genre, which I personally find a bit boring, because it’s too predictable and trapped inside its own codes. Here we will go from the chamber jazz of Gary Burton to the acid-rock fuzz-tinged music of the same vibraphonist; from the contemporary classical influenced jazz of the italian hero Giorgio Gaslini to the free conversations between Anthony Braxton’s saxophone and Richard Teitelbaum’s Moog synthesizer, passing through Alice Coltrane’s cosmic spirituality, Archie Shepp’s shamanic tribalisms, Pat Metheny’s pure noise, the hispanic fascinations of Ron Carter and the Japanese ones of McCoy Tyner, and more. In the adventurous spirit of these proposals, that embrace a time period that goes from 1964 to 2023, I’ve allowed myself to produce a creative mix to create a conversation between these incredible musicians”.
06Oct 2023

Luca Giovanardi: Storia Notturna

Storia Notturna is the new album by our own Luca Giovanardi. Inspired by the 1989 book by the same name by historian Carlo Ginzburg - a seminal study about witchcraft, pre-christian cults and magic - the album is an "italian tale of psycho-magic in music", as a friend described it. Ranging from acoustic string instruments and percussions to electronic soundscapes, Luca played and produced the music himself, with very few interventions by others: Matilde Bondioli (soprano voice), James Watts (throat singing), plus some stolen field recordings of friends and family members. It's released by Backwards Records and it's available digitally today on Bandcamp only, with the possibility to pre-order the physical LP version.

01Sep 2023

Cloud Canyons: debut album 'Dreaming of Horses Running in Circles' out now

Nicola is restless and has YET another new project going!
This one's called Cloud Canyons and features him on synths and three vocalists from the feminist collective Matilde: Laura Storchi (founding memeber of Julie's Haircut), Michelle Cristofori (Circe, Micromouse) and Stella Baraldi (Stella, Baffodoro).
They've just released an album called Dreaming of Horses Running in Circles through the Berlin-based label Berliner Tonaufnahmen.

"Dreaming Of Horses Running In Circles" is the first full length album by Cloud Canyons, a collaborative effort between Laura Storchi, Michelle Cristofori, Stella Baraldi and Nicola Caleffi. Originally conceived as instrumental pieces built by Nicola Caleffi (Julie’s Haircut, Muni, Sun Forest) upon multiple layers of analog synthesizers and digital beats, these four long tracks finally blossomed into full songs thanks to the lyrical and vocal contribution of Laura Storchi (a founding member of Julie’s Haircut and Muni), Michelle Cristofori (Circe, Micromouse, She's Gone) and Stella Baraldi (Stella, Baffodoro), three musicians, songwriters and singers who also share a common militancy within the Italian radical feminist collective Mâtilde. From the slow building pace of the cosmic soul of "Oxen Of The Sun" to the psychedelic landscape of "Secret Knowledge", through the mutant-disco wave of "Empire Of The Flesh" and the collective hymn of the motorik-driven "Under Neon Stars", the album’s four tracks resonate with Cloud Canyons’ unique aesthetic approach, with Caleffi’s hypnotic and minimal sonic textures enriched by Storchi, Cristofori and Baraldi’s words and vocals - each one with her own distinct individuality, at time transformative, surrealistic and inward-looking, yet always heartfelt and passionate.
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