06Dec 2022

Spotify Playlist - Alien Soundtracks Vol. 3

New Spotify playlist compiled by Luca.
03Dec 2022

Sun Forest - Chanting The Square Deific

Following the release of Transitions last year, Nicola Caleffi's own creature Sun Forest is back with a new extended track released by Netherland's Slow Tone Collages. It's an extremely limited edition of 40 CDs (going fast), so you better move on. You can listen to it on the label's Bandcamp:

26Nov 2022

'Lost in a riot' in the movie 'La California'

La California by director Cinzia Bomoll is in the italian cinemas now. Our friendship with Cinzia goes back a long time, she directed a videoclip for us so long ago it is painful to think about it. For the soundtrack of her new film she picked - among others - our old song Lost in a Riot, from the 2003 EP The Power Of Psychic Revenge

18Nov 2022

New song 'year of the ox' live video

You can now stream our live performance of the unreleased song Year Of The Ox filmed last year at Off Club in Modena for the Mondo NYC Festival.

Futura | Live at heart 2021 | Julie's Haircut from italiana on Vimeo .

28Jun 2022

A Soundtrack Experience: Basilica Di San Lorenzo In Lucina

Ok now this is a bit weird but here goes. Our dearest friend and musical genius Enrico Gabrielli (you may know him from Calibro 35) has composed the original music to the audio-guide of the historical Roman church Basilica di San Lorenzo in Lucina. The soundtrack also includes his orchestral arrangement of our song Tarazed (from Ashram Equinox). So in case you’re visiting Roma and you include San Lorenzo in Lucina in your tour, definetly rent the audio-guide. The music - including the orchestral version of Tarazed - has also been released on CD and at all streaming services.

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